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Molly Bernard x
West Elm Design Crew

Partnering with Younger actress Molly Bernard, West Elm Design Crew created a warm and inviting space for the actress’ new home.

I was tasked with creating the digital storytelling experience to reflect her new space. 

Celsious x West Elm

In partnership with Brooklyn’s modern laundromat Celsious, I created a multi-channel system to promote West Elm’s new hemp bedding as well as Celsious’ grand opening. This section features a landing page created with Adobe After Effects. 

As email lead, my job is to create beautiful emails that are promo-first and reflect the seasonal look and feel of the homepage.

This section showcases designs of the direct-to-consumer West Elm email stream, the company’s primary source of marketing.

Collection of Email Designs

West Elm Outlet

Email Stream

I am also lead designer for West Elm Outlet emails. Last year the team redesigned to align with the editorial-first style of the main brand. This section shows emails before and after the redesign.

Homepage Design

Cyber Monday homepage and email design, including product features.

SuperCategory Headers

Super Category headers are placed on top of category pages to visually represent page selection or promo. This section will show multiple examples of supercats.